Ohh no... Not you again.
I've had a crazy life up until about right now, so heres how I keep that shit from fucking with me.


if we dated you’d have to like : sex, movies, Netflix, pizza,  horror movies, sex, play fighting, sex, texting, cuddling, sex, roller coasters, staying up late, sex, prank calling people, sex, pizza, going on road trips, sex, being weird together, my sexual personality, tumblr, football and sex 

"I was raised by wolves, but not the ‘bark bark’ kind…. the woman kind"

  -  18 April

Disclosure - F for You

“Because I played the fool for you…” wanna hear this live this weekend!!!!

You know I am a nice and lenient person, but I just pray for that one person to catch me on my bad day and just try me, because they will regret it.

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